La Jemaye

While in Neuvic, a bunch of us took a trip out to the lake at La Jemaye. A place Kate ‘affectionately’ referred to – following a heaving, mud-slathered jaunt there one previous summer – as the Ganges.

It was, on this occasion at least, actually quite a scenic spot for a swim, a sunbathe and an ice cream.

I didn’t take many photos that day. Just a few frames to experiment with an idea I had lodged in my mind – an out of focus, almost painterly approach to evoking a near-universal memory: mucking about by the water’s edge as a kid.

This capture gets close I think.

la jemaye dordogne france lac lake water's edge artistic impressionism abstract blurred out of focus creative bokeh contrast sun playing children child's play holiday summer low sunset evening silhouettes people beach backlit rob cartwright


4 thoughts on “La Jemaye

  1. Oh, you’ve captured it for sure! Especially with the two silhouettes in the sun’s highlight. When it came up in email, before I even read your explanation, that painterly quality was the thing I noticed and though how simple it looks, yet how difficult it can be to achieve.

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