After a trip out to Pimlico on Friday afternoon last week, I grabbed what was supposed to be a drink (and turned into a few) with a friend. Then, with a nice few pints on board and the world firmly put to rights, I headed over to the other side of the Thames and, taking advantage of a few spare minutes – and in spite not having a tripod so having to rest my camera on the handrail of the world’s bounciest footbridge – I managed to capture a few shots of the rush hour traffic streaming past Vauxhall tube station.

black and white bw bnw monochrome london england vauxhall wide angle slow shutter long exposure light trails cars road traffic night street photography city urban architecture rob cartwright


6 thoughts on “Vauxhall

    • Thanks very much! Yeah, I just rested it on the footbridge handrail and used a 5sec timer to avoid any camera shake from pressing the shutter. Didn’t always help as any time more than one or two people – or just a single particularly heavy-footed person – walked over the bridge the long exposure looked like something taken in an earthquake.

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