Archive Post: The Last Train Out Of Hyndland

Another photo from my archives, taken one year ago today. I’d been thinking about doing a shot up near Hyndland train station for a while before finally finding a night to head up there and scope out a composition.

Most of the trackside area up next to the road was fenced off but I managed to find a pretty steep bank I could (barely) climb up that was open to the rail line (the trip back down – most of it on my ass – was particularly, erm, interesting…)

I bagged five or six shots, with just the odd passing train and a few lurking foxes for company, then called it a night.

Next time I turned on my D700 it malfunctioned, just two weeks prior to a 21-day trip across the US. It didn’t get fixed in time so my D40 and V1 had to suffice Stateside. Anyway, this was a pretty good last shot to capture before the D700 went haywire.

black and white bw bnw monochrome hyndland glasgow train rail track transport urbex urban night wide angle lens slow shutter long exposure light trails rob cartwright


14 thoughts on “Archive Post: The Last Train Out Of Hyndland

  1. Wow, well worth sliding down the hill on your ass I’d say! Was it a time exposure? I don’t think so because the train itself is clear, but the clouds and those high-beams, it looks supernatural!

    • Thanks Bernadette. Yeah, I’m very glad I made the effort! It is a long exposure shot – the shutter was open for 156 seconds for this capture and that’s why the clouds have that kind of ghostly look to them.

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