Tower Bridge and the Tower of London at night.

I had about an hour free between our Borough Market wanderings and a charity Christmas carol concert to head off and do a little shooting (I could’ve also spent the time on last-minute Christmas shopping but, ummm, nah!)

In the past I’d rarely head out on a photowalk without a bag chock full of lenses, ready for any eventuality. Recently I’ve taken to just heading out with my favourite piece of glass, my 50mm prime (ironically my cheapest lens).

On this occasion I thought I’d mix things up a little and take my 16-35mm which made this shot – taken from a pretty sizable distance away on the banks of the Thames near to City Hall – a little more tricky, even zoomed right  in at 35mm.

Had I had a longer lens with me I probably would’ve set up in the first location I arrived at (next to Hay’s Galleria and HMS Belfast) and zoomed in to about 150mm on Tower Bridge. OK, it might have made a nice shot but sometimes it’s just more fun, interesting and rewarding to challenge yourself to maximise the shot you are able to get with the equipment you have on you at that moment, ‘zooming with your legs’ and going in search of the best shot you can craft.

tower bridge thames river london architecture black and white bw monochrome cityscape night city urban england uk long exposure slow shutter rob cartwright


8 thoughts on “Towers

  1. Beautiful! And I get you on the bit about the lenses. Did pretty much the same for quite a while roaming about, till one day I left the 55-200 at home. Needless to say, the bag felt lighter (and smaller) plus I got some really nice shots.

    • Thank you! Yeah, although it can be frustrating feeling there’s a shot you could be getting if you just had that ideal lens with you, keeping gear to a minimum just forces you to get a bit more creative, work harder for the shot and ‘zoom with your feet’ to get the effect or composition you’re looking for – I believe you ‘earn’ your shots more and it ultimately makes you a better photographer. It does make the kit bag a little lighter too which can be very welcome!

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