Heavy duty steel cables keep the London Eye from toppling into the Thames.

black and white bnw bw monochrome london eye big ferris wheel city capital urban architecture iconic england steel cables engineering leading lines rob cartwright

The London Eye.


2 thoughts on “Cables

  1. Tell ya what dude, you have some really really nice pictures on this blog! I’ve tried to get close to take pictures such as this of the London Eye, but they don’t like people doing it, I will have to experiment a little more around it next time I am in town!

    • Cheers Tom, really enjoyed your blog too. I’m a big minimalism fan and I also loved your ‘Like’ post – bang on the money!

      This was an opportunist moment really – my sister and girlfriend took my wee niece to the play park next to the eye for a few mins so I basically climbed through a hedge and stood on the platform where these cables are anchored for long enough to bag 10 or so exposures – luckily I managed to escape the wraith of any security guards! I’m not always so fortunate in my photographic capers!

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