Still In The City

Holburn Underground Station.

street photography streettogs holburn tube underground candid portrait slow shutter motion blur movement crowd man texting london england nikon D700 city urban rob cartwright


6 thoughts on “Still In The City

    • Hi Fiona, first of all I was helped in capturing this shot by the fact that the main subject stood pretty still for about a minute playing about with his iPod while past him people buzzed in and out of the underground station, helping to create that difference. Next step was to use a slower shutter speed than you might normally, it’s a question of experimenting really, I went for 1/8 of a second here but anything between about 2 seconds and 1/30 might work depending on the scene. The final key factor is keeping your camera steady so the motionless areas of the scene are nice and crisp. Of course the best bet for this would be a tripod – I didn’t have one with me and would’ve missed the shot anyway setting one up. Luckily I was right next to a post box so I pressed the underside of my camera up against the side of the post box to help my keep the camera steady while the shutter was open.

      • thanks very much for answering me in a great detail. i ll give a shot later if i happen to have good target standing still with people around moving… by the way, im moving to Berlin now. precisely not yet, in one hour, and im gonna live there for quite some time. if you every drop by, let me know! it would be great to meet you in person, R 🙂

      • No problem. Berlin is awesome – such a cool city. I went for a long weekend in an absolutely freezing January a few years ago. You’ll love living there I’m sure. No major plans to head back any time soon sadly but you’ll know if that changes. Good luck with the move!

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